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20th January 2019.

Abigail knew that she was about to die.

Her ragged breath misted the air before her as her feet pounded asphalt. Sweat ran in rivulets across her spine and the back of her hands, making the chilly night even colder.

The end of the road burst out of the cloying shadows. She slowed down, her eyes frantically searching for another way forward before catching a glimpse of the darkened alley entranceway. Her feet picked up the pace as she turned the corner and continued running, the slap of her shoes against the pavement keeping pace with her rapidly beating heart.

Abigail did not know where she was going. The bleak, blank night sky held no guiding light for her, making her scramble in the dark all the more precarious. Already, she had stepped onto something sharp at least twice in her exhausting run through the night.

However, Abigail didn’t care where she ended up.

All she knew was that she needed to get away.


Her teeth clenched as the eerie voice called out again.

Abigail! Why do you run? Didn’t you want to see us?

I did, she admitted to herself, tears running down her cheek. Oh, but I did, forgive me God.

Stop running, Abigail. Is there something wrong with us? Tell us, sweetie!

Abigail shook her head, tears welling in her eyes as she continued sprinting through the dark of the night.

She had wanted to see them. Now, she was trying to get away from them.

Her feet skidded to a halt as another wall rose out of the shadows. Another dead end.

Again, she looks around, hoping against hope that there’s another alleyway she can duck into or perhaps a hole in a rusty fence somewhere where she can squeeze through. By God, she’d even take hiding inside a dumpster, all the good that would do to her.

Anything than to face the monstrosity headed towards her.

There was nothing.

Something touched her on the shoulder.

Abigail. We’re here.

Abigail turned around and saw them. She screamed.

A rotten hand burst forth, clamping around her wide open mouth. Shocked, she choked back her scream.

Hush. Another sound and we’ll gut you like a pig.

From the darkness, a familiar face sneaked into view. No, not just one but two faces fused together on the same head, split evenly in the middle. Two different sets of eyes, one mud brown whilst the other burgundy, appraised the prey they had just caught. Wild, knotted black hair ran across half a face whilst the other half was a respectable buzz cut. The absence of it’s mouth unnerved Abigail whilst the hand that held her mouth closed was encased in rotting flesh, with deep tears streaking across the arm like red ribbons.

My, how our daughter has grown, don’t you think dear?, the voice asked

Yes. Why I think she has your eye, the same voice replied back.

In response, Abigail shut her own eyes.

This is not what I wanted. This is not what I expected!

Oh, the sweet child. I think it’s scared of us.

Bony fingers clamped hard around her chin, sharp fingernails digging into her skin.

Wincing in pain, Abigail opened her eyes again.

And screamed at the monstrosity staring back at her.

Her scream abruptly ended as the hand contracted, squeezing her head until it popped like a pimple, blood exploding across the wall and the ground.

Did you have to do that dear?, the voice sighed in disgust.

I did warn her. Another word.  And she’s dead.

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