Jane-Holly Meissner's latest update for Fae Child

May 27, 2017

Hello friends!

I hope you’re all gearing up for a lovely holiday weekend (here in the States), or a lovely regular weekend (everywhere else). You are getting this update because you believed in me, and my writing, enough to preorder Fae Child - and I have another book to ask you to believe in.

I entered the current SciFi contest on Inkshares (Mutants: Uprising) and am sitting tied for 3rd place (that’s guaranteed full publication). One preorder - your preorder - will make my position more secure. I am only a few readers away from 2nd, honestly. But I can’t do this alone, and I need your help. 

If you can preorder right now, all the better. If you can’t help out until next week, that’s good too. I need preorders then, too.

Unlike Fae Child, Mutants: Uprising is written for adult readers, which is to say there is strong language in it. It already exists as a first draft, and as of now it’s in the running to WIN THIS CONTEST!!!

Thank you so much for your time,