Christopher Lee
Meissner has captured the same lightning that Lewis Carroll did all those years ago. This work is loaded with imagination that brings you back to your years as a child. Whether being pulled in by the visceral feeling of the description or the crisp dialogue she manages to transport you to another world!
Karen Kenyon
Lots of things to love in this fabulous YA fantasy.   The exploration of the Otherworld that exists between reality and myth.   The promise of mystery and magic.  But perhaps the thing I like most about this story is Abbie... a little girl who is both scared and defiant, grounded yet wondrous at the magical world she is just about to discover...  this story has YA blockbuster written all over it!
Chrissy Cook
Hobbit-like in its wonder at the smallest of things, and Charlotte's Web-like in its innocence and storytelling, a perfect bedtime read - particularly if you have children!
J. Graham-Jones
Holly is a fantastic author and I can't recommend her work more highly. Fae Child is shaping up to be a magical tale.
Christopher Lee
Hues of Alice in Wonderland mixed with a dash of fairy dust. This one will bring out the imagination you had as a child!
Kyle T. Cowan
The concept is very C.S. Lewis. I found the voice distinct, and engaging.
Antimony Noon
Reminiscent of the innocent curiosity of Narnia, or the Magical Faraway Tree, Fae Child feels comfortingly familiar, like stepping back into the imagination of my childhood, where every forest was full of faeries and there was definitely a world at the back of all the wardrobes. However, with the introduction of Abbie's uncanny copy, it has a darker undercurrent and like any good faerie story - promises much more than meets the eye!
Eric H. Heisner
Looks to be an amazing journey into Otherworld told through the vivid imagination of youth!
Michelle Morone
Thoroughly engaging from top to bottom, the story is filled with beautiful imagery and compellingly believable characters. A must-read for anyone who enjoys a good faerie story.
Ashley Brandt
The premise of Fae Child is truly unique, and with how descriptive the author writes, it truly makes the reader want to read more, and to see how this child goes on her magical journey.