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I have to say, I quite like the idea behind this novel. The characters are interesting enough to make me want to keep reading.

ENHANCED’s website is taking shape. We’re not ready to go public yet, but we’d like to share this artwork. It’s how we imagine the refugees’ last night on Earth.


"Shards of green light blasted incoming missiles into fireworks while a thousand chosen citizens of United North America jostled past wiry, 21-year-old Harry, into the transport. Shading his face with a scrawny arm, he watched the wrath of eleven billion militant religious crazies attack UNA, his pacifist homeland, the last Democracy on Earth."

Dear Friends, Neighbors, and Supporters,

This is not a test.

Please do not pre-order ENHANCED by Robert P. Beus and S.T. Ranscht.

Go ahead and read Chapters 1-3, and let us know what you think, but stop short of pushing that pre-order button.

We recently discovered our project status has mysteriously and mistakenly switched from Draft to Pre-Order without our authorization. I contacted the administration a week ago, and I guess they’re working on the problem, but they haven’t fixed it yet, so it still looks like we’re taking pre-orders. We’re not.

Thank you for your co-operation. We apologize for the inconvenience. We hope to  achieve normality in 3... 2...

We posted ENHANCED’s first three chapters a few days ago, and Chapter 1 was completely new. Today, we added to the new Chapter 1 in the interest of world building. We would love to hear what you think -- positive or constructively critical, we value your thoughtful, honest opinions. Thanks very much!

We know, we know -- we never call, we never write anymore. Well, that last part isn’t true, we’re still writing, we just haven’t been sending you updates. So here’s what’s up:

ENHANCED has received some very positive professional feedback through a couple other contests we’ve entered where the judging is based on the quality of writing and not on how relentlessly the author pushes their friends and family and total strangers to pre-order it.

There are still a few contests we’re waiting to hear the results of, most notably the Book Pipeline Contest that’s looking for new authors’ works that would adapt easily to film or television. We should find out if ENHANCED has risen to the Semi-finalist level mid-March, AND they include a page of professional feedback for each submission.

We’re also waiting to hear from Her Universe Press -- well worth investigating, especially for female scifi authors! Plus, they promise to respond to every submission whether they choose to publish the work or not.

We’re finally happy with our Query letter and the devilishly tricky 1-page Synopsis. We have a polished -- but we’re not claiming perfect -- manuscript that’s ready for an agent’s love.

So that’s where we are, sending our baby out into the world, to eventually take an honored place in the hearts of millions of readers.

We hope one of them will be yours.

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That's like having to choose between Putin's brain on a silver platter and searching for dead twins conjoined at the head. What to do, what to do? Hey, don't think I didn't notice you didn't mention my book in your little list, so I'll just drop the link riiiiiight here: Sarcasm Font. Hope you don't mind. I'm gonna miss you guys. Keep in touch.

If someone offered you a $100 bill or the chance to keep everything you might find on a sunken treasure hunt, which would you choose?


ENHANCED finished 12th out of 335 in the Nerdist/Inkshares Contest, and we celebrated that achievement knowing we did so well because of you. Because our families and friends have generous spirits and a staunch belief in us and our book. Because total strangers -- many of them authors on Inkshares -- saw something worthwhile in our story and our writing.

Thanks to the author-friendly mission the Inkshares team promotes, we've even earned the right to Quill publication. We could put at least 315 copies of ENHANCED in our supporters' hands. On demand. Under a non-exclusive rights agreement.

Sounds like a golden opportunity, right?

But our favorite agent in the publishing industry informed us, "If the book is under contract with anyone, the agent will not represent it, unless it's self-published and selling really well."

So we had to choose between the $100 bill and the sunken treasure hunt.

What's life without risk and uncertainty? We're grabbing our scuba gear and heading for the Caribbean.


Three things before we go:

1. ENHANCED is currently being evaluated for its adaptability to film and television in the Book Pipeline Competition. The best part is that you don't have to do anything. But we hope you'll wish us well and follow our progress on Facebook  and Twitter.

2. Please support these worthwhile projects from the Nerdist/Inkshares Contest:

Single Version by Scott Barsotti -- so much more than just an extremely well-written Roach Punk story with an utterly original take and style.

Disintegration by Steve Soldwedel -- gritty and cinematic, diverse and multi-layered, with tyrannical aliens, never-say-die warriors, and spaceships. It's like old school scifi, but better. 

Ghosts of War by Paul Robinson -- fast-paced action + memorable characters + classic scifi dialog with a twist of now = an exciting story.

Presenting Complaints by Jamie Brindle -- a laugh-out-loud skewering of England's National Health Service, which Jamie just released on AmazoniBooks, and Smashwords.

Current by Thomas A. Fowler -- reminiscent of Michael Crichton’s work, it promises tense adventure/mystery based on environmental progress. Fowler is currently querying agents.

And maybe most important,

3. Thank you, Inkshares for the possibilities you offer and the lessons you provide about marketing, competing with class, and how to persevere. Your entire team is a bright light showing aspiring authors hope and how to make it real. Special thanks to Avalon. What would we have done without you? You're warm, patient, knowledgeable, and encouraging -- the best kind of human being. We'll keep coming back to our Inkshares family to discover new authors and new favorite books. And who knows? Maybe we'll present something new of our own right here to see how the world feels about it.

You are some of our favorite people on First Earth. You given us hope and helped us believe we've written a book people will enjoy. 

But there's another book we hope you'll order, too, so it can reach its 750 goal by 11/15, and we can each receive an autographed copy. SINGLE VERSION by Scott Barsotti is the reason the term Roach Punk was invented right here on Inkshares. It's completely different from Enhanced (but just as well written :) ).

Please order at least one, and convince a friend as well. You won't be sorry! 

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I can't wait to get  my hands on a copy of Enhanced.,  Intrigued to read the whole story.

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Engagingly mysterious, interesting characters.  I want to read more.

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