Richard Saunders's latest update for Earth In The Year 10,000

May 27, 2016


Two late breaking developments!

One is that this project will be part of the Inkshares Draftfest promotion! This promotion runs all next week. Check it out - there are lots of cool prizes that have been donated to help make this a success!

This is great news because it will increase the visibility of our project on Inkshares.

Due to the fact that we are likely to attract new followers and authors who may wish to craft something to submit - we are moving the submission deadline to the end of this summer - August 31.

We already have a few really good subs, but there is lots of room left to fill out the book, so the extra time should help ensure that we reach that critical goal.

In fairness to those of you who may have worked hard to get your subs ready for the original deadline of June 4, we will give those submissions some extra credit in the evaluation process; such that when it comes down to the final few spots and there are entries that are judged to be close calls, the earlier submission will be the tiebreaker.