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Treasure holder in permanent darkness

I entered the cemetery, I had previously hidden my loot - what I found - in a place unknown to any of the cemetery workers before dark, and I planned to return when everyone went, there was a guard (Fathi) I knew how to pass him, his night shift was easy, so he sits down to hear The songs of Umm Kulthum were on a small radio and he slept on the sound of her. I get in from behind the site, crawling in from a hole I made without anyone seeing me before. I was planning for that yesterday. I dug up some stones, until I found what I hidden.

In the darkness of the night, I was jogging between the houses, I passed the cemetery so that no one would see me, until I got to the house, and knocked the door three times, that was the signal that we agreed upon so that no one would reveal it if I was caught, and they went to interrogate her, because I am working on this The field is not long, and the new workers are always under suspicion. My wife (Safia) opened the door for me, after she realized that it was me. We had previously set a sign, so as not to open the door to anyone else, in order to avoid being found by one of our neighbors who does not stop talking, You occupy our time and wait for me when I come back, and you start to doubt.

Safia went out in secret to make sure that no one was watching or following me, then closed the door and we gathered around a table in the hall - I said to her in a shaky voice as I put my loot on the table.

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