Stephen Carignan
One of the strongest points about this work is how the author sets the scene and world of the narrative without directly describing it. Interaction between the characters set from opposing viewpoints bring the world to life and allow the reader to delve in. Unfortunately, there's not more to read! (Yet)
Billy O’Keefe
Just started funding. Parts mystery, supernatural and sci-fi, with some cool characters tying it together. Take a look at the trailer.
D.B. Dyche
Great Detective Fiction
Sharyl Friend Pavlisko
You all caNOT miss THIS ONE! The characters are eloquently created with interesting and some, mysterious, in personalities. Smoothly penned, as this great story flows very nicely, indeed!
Elena Stofle
Beautifully written detective thriller!
James Rasile
Very well written detective thriller. I'm excited for this one!
Evan Graham
I love a well-executed bit of detective fiction, and having flawed protagonists dwelling in a slightly more flawed world adds flavor to it that I like even more. Looking forward to more!
Eric H. Heisner
A good detective yarn with well thought out characters!
Bryn Hagan
A. White
I like it, it reminds me somewhat of Walter Mosley.