Tony Valdez's latest update for Dax Harrison

Oct 19, 2017


One thing I forgot to mention earlier: Regarding signatures.

Yes, backers who pre-ordered and helped fund Dax Harrison were originally promised a book signed by yours truly. Unfortunately, that part of the deal was canceled on the publisher side sometime last year. As I understand, it’s pretty costly to ship a ton of books out, let alone shipping them twice. So sending them to me first for signatures just wasn’t feasible.

That said, if you reside anywhere near my stomping grounds (in southern California), I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to sign your book! Shoot me a message and we’ll make it happen. Also, stay tuned, as I’ll be working on some local book signing events and eventually setting up shop at a convention or two.

One more tiny last thing (Last thing, I promise!)

If you would like to keep up with my future projects, Dax-related or not, feel free to subscribe to my blog at It is by no means a professional author blog. I may talk books. I may ramble about whatever show I’m binge-watching on Netflix.

(Don’t worry, I will continue sharing all Dax updates here at Inkshares as well!)