Katherine Forrister's latest update for Curio Citizen

Jun 23, 2017

Hello again! 

Guess what? We only need 10 more orders to hit the 200 readers mark! That would be an amazing accomplishment. It would also help Curio Citizen keep hold of 1st place! You all have done so much for me already, and I am so grateful. I hate to ask more of you, but there are 4 days left in the contest, so please help me make the final push towards finishing in the top 3 by asking another family member or friend to pre-order a copy. Only $10 could change my life forever! I also have more followers than I do pre-orders, so please consider pre-ordering if you haven’t already. It would mean so much to me! Remember, the deadline for pre-orders has been changed to this Tuesday, June 27th!

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And here’s today’s look into the world of Curio Citizen:

Marea Reúnen is Inquieto’s aristocratic mother. She came from a wealthy family and succeeded in her schooling and career well enough to maintain some semblance of the wealth she once enjoyed. Because of this and her high intelligence, even by paz standards, she has a slightly superior attitude towards others. She tempers that attitude most of the time, but it comes out full force when Carmen becomes involved in her son’s life. 

Marea is a high-up employee of the Understand, the planet’s most vital scientific research center. On a planet where the dominant species values intelligence above all other traits (aside from peace), paz as intelligent as Marea are granted a level of respect and wealth that appropriately corresponds to the great mental aptitude and time it takes to perform such vigorous research. 

Marea does indeed spend a good deal of her time at the Understand. She is working on something secret, something big, which she can’t discuss with anyone--not even her own family. 


“Ah, everyone’s here,” she said pleasantly in a smooth voice. She, too, was dressed in black, but a lustrous amber sash covered most of her clothing, along with a mesh of amber swathing her bald head, which she lowered as she scanned the gathering. 

“Marea,” Oyente said. “Excellent timing. Dinner is set to be ready in a few minutes.” 

 “Yes,” Marea said in acknowledgement, but her attention was focused on me. I stood, getting the distinct impression she did not want me dirtying her furniture. 


“Tell us a little about your planet,” Aliado requested. 

I noticed both Oyente and Marea tense a little at his words. They exchanged a look of disapproval tinged with nerves. 

“It’s surprisingly similar to Paz,” I said, truthfully. “The soil, the trees, the blue sky, the yellow sun. The people.” I looked straight at Marea at the last. 

“So similar,” said Aliado. “That’s odd, isn’t it?” 

I turned my eyes to him. “Yes,” I said, meeting his pointed intrigue with my own. “It is.” 

“And,” Marea spoke, light and thin, “how are humans like paz?” 

I took a quiet breath and floated my gaze across the table. Her heavy black eyes studied me while her hand lightly clutched a delicate glass, her full lips curled in an aristocratic smile. 

“Can you not see?” I asked. Her eyes brightened, but their light was not internal, only a reflection of the dying sun.


Thank you so much for your continued support. You have all done so much for me already, and I am incredibly grateful. 4 more days and hopefully we’ll see this book published! The deadline is Tuesday, June 27th.