Greetings Supporters of Crow’s Gambit,

There are some big news items to discuss with you. As you know, Crow’s Gambit was one of the last books accepted into the Quill Imprint of Inkshares for publishing. The book has been in the editing queue with a month or two remaining until the process would start. However, I have made the decision that the best future for Crow’s Gambit exists outside of Inkshares. I have asked that the book be pulled from the queue for publishing. 

I have learned much from my time on Inkshares and will continue to support my fellow authors here. I have great appreciation for the encouragement of you, my Supporters, and Inkshares during this process.

What does this mean for you, my supporters?
In the next few days you should receive a refund from Inkshares. If your contact or banking information has changed please make sure to correct it on the Inkshares website now. If you have not received your refund in the next couple weeks please contact Inkshares to inquire (hello@inkshares.com).

What does this mean for Crow’s Gambit?
First, do not panic. You will still be able to read the Crow’s Gambit story. It will be available in ebook and Print on Demand through Amazon soon. The Proofreading edit came back just this weekend and I am working with a cover editor. An early February publication date is the goal right now.

In the next couple weeks I will be transitioning this discussion list over to a new emailing service. At that time I will provide full information on how you can get a copy of the book (watch for an email with Crow’s Gambit in the subject).

While you wait, I encourage you to visit my website https://26milesofbooks.com/

Again, thank you all for your support in both the past and the future.


Greetings Crow’s Gambit Supporters!

I have good news and not as good news. Last night I submitted the completed draft of Crow’s Gambit, along with all the other front and back matter, to Inkshares. I am sincerely sorry for the procrastination and the obsessive nitpicking that has delayed you getting your book. That said, Inkshares won’t be able to start working on it for at least three months.

While you wait I will be getting you some Crow’s Gambit tidbits; the Crow Research prospectus and employee manual you have been promised, as well as some tidbits from the second book, Crow’s Haven.

In the meantime, if you are in the mood, check out the short story I submitted last week to the Reedsy Short Story Contest called "Accident on the Waterloo". For those who are familiar with my other book on Inkshares, Fortunes of the Space Sloth, this story takes place in the same universe. (click here to read the story)

As always, thank you for your support.


Seasons Greetings Supporters,

Before anything else I want to give you the link for a quick holiday gift. The link below will lead you to a short story set in the Crow’s Gambit universe. Enjoy! And let me know what you think.

’Twas the Night Before Sylph-Mas

The editing is still progressing on Crow’s Gambit. I am expecting the line edit back from the editor in a couple days. I know you are all waiting to receive your book (that some of your ordered a long time ago). We are moving as fast as we can while still working hard to give you the best story possible. More updates to come.

Best wishes for the new year,


Greetings Crow’s Gambit Followers,

Things are still forward on Crow’s Gambit. I have spent the last several weeks working through the developmental edit comments for the draft. For those who don’t know that means I have been working through a fifteen page editor summary and margin comments throughout the entire draft. Some changes are being made to the plot to clear up some things that weren’t clear or that I didn’t intend to have happen in the first place. If everything goes according to schedule I’ll have the updated draft back in the editor’s hands next week. Then we start the line edits.

Stay with me. We are making progress.


Greetings Supporters of Crow’s Gambit,

I know you have been waiting for an update and I now have something to report. I just submitted the full draft to my development editor. I am excited, relieved, and nervous all at the same time. In about three weeks I should get back lots of advice and suggestions. At that point I will spend a few weeks probably completely rewriting it. Then we go in for line editing.

Thank you all for your continued support.


Happy summer Supporters of Crow’s Gambit!

After talking to several of you last week as the ASEE conference I know there is some confusion on the book. Never fear we did meet the required Pre-Orders for Quill publishing. However, actually getting a book from draft form to your hands takes some time. And given my schedule lately it is taking even more time.

Right now we are in the phase called Developmental Editing. That means I am rewriting some portions of the story to make it flow better…and hopefully make it super exciting and interesting! I will be working with a developmental editor who will help make the story even better by offering lots of suggestions for improvement.

After that we go to Copy Editing and Line Editing with Inkshares. This process will clean up the actual words; making sure names are consistent, punctuation is used correctly, words are spelled correctly…you get the picture.

So, please be patient. The book has not disappeared. It is alive and well but it will take some time to get it into your hands.


Great news everyone. Thanks to tremendous support Crow’s Gambit has hit 251 Pre-Orders. That means it will get published under the Quill imprint!


There are still about 34 hours left in the campaign. That means there is still time to lock in some of those Pre-Order perks if you haven’t ordered yet (or you have a friend how hasn’t).

  • Crow Research Investor ($10) - Supporter will receive a copy of the Crow Research company Prospectus.
  • Crow Research Employee ($20) - Supporter will receive a copy of the Crow Research Employee Manual and the Prospectus.
  • Crow Works Access ($60) - Supporter will receive the Employee Manual, Prospectus, and an identification badge allowing access to the top secret Crow Works (you also get your name on the patron page of the book too).

Thank you everyone for helping make this happen. I will continue to keep you updated as we shift into full editing and production mode.

More will come...


Congratulations we have hit 220 Pre-Orders on Crow’s Gambit! I really (enormously) appreciate the support you have all provided.  But...when everything is said and done I still need 30 more Pre-Orders and there are only two days left in the campaign. 

I need some of you to purchase an additional copy of the book...soon...tonight if possible. Several of you have already purchased multiple copies of the book and I think you. Some of you haven’t purchased any yet. However, I’m betting there are at least 30 of you who will be willing to help me out. 

To help wet your appetite I’m including the following snippet from later in the book.

“Who are you?” she finally asked. 

“You can call me Mr. Smith.” She gave him a patronizing look. “You could also call me a dirty son of a bitch. I could really care less.” His smiling expression never shifted. “You could say I’m with the opposition.” 

“You mean the people who tried to have me killed? Two, three times now?” 

“It was actually four.” He turned and smiled broadly. “You might not have noticed one. Dale and Gloria are actually quite good.” He returned to watching the crowd. 

“And is that why you’re here now? Attempt five?” 

“No. My specialty isn’t in that area. It’s in negotiation. The previous attempts on your life were made by overzealous members of our group that I must apologize for. I believe the best course of action would have simply been to talk to you and explain what was at stake, instead of driving you into the arms of Darrow.” 

Happy weekend Supporters of Crow’s Gambit.

The good news is you should have just received a short narrative titled Prologue Version #2. Taking advice from some of the writers over at the Listeners of the Dead Robot Society I’m reworking my original info dump of a Prologue. This draft also gives a little bit of the background for one of the later characters in the story, Tish.

The bad news is we only have 4 days left in the campaign to get Quill publication of the story. If any of you haven’t committed to a Pre-Order yet or know someone who might I would really appreciate any help in getting to the 250 goal.

Thanks for all of your support.


Hello supporters of Crow’s Gambit!

Pre-Order now if you haven’t

We have passed the 200 mark and are within sight of the finish line. First, a big thank you to the GREAT SCIFI for the 21st CENTURY and BEYOND SYNDICATE which backed Crow’s Gambit this month.

What else has been going on you ask?

  • I’m using the AutoCrit package to slowly work through the draft and correct the more egregious aspects.
  • The story for the second book continues to be drafted. This is requiring a few "hooks" to be adjusted in Crow’s Gambit.
  • Once I have a little more time I plan to start laying out more timeline details of the events before Crow’s Gambit (i.e. worldbuilding).

We still have to get across that finish line though. If you haven’t made a Pre-Order yet now is the time when it would really help. If you know someone who might like the book, or maybe someone who just owes you $10, why not ask them to pick up a copy?

Push Crow’s Gambit over the finish line with a Pre-Order!

As always than you for your support.