Patrick Tebbe's latest update for Crow’s Gambit

Feb 26, 2018

Congratulations we have hit 220 Pre-Orders on Crow’s Gambit! I really (enormously) appreciate the support you have all provided.  But...when everything is said and done I still need 30 more Pre-Orders and there are only two days left in the campaign. 

I need some of you to purchase an additional copy of the book...soon...tonight if possible. Several of you have already purchased multiple copies of the book and I think you. Some of you haven’t purchased any yet. However, I’m betting there are at least 30 of you who will be willing to help me out. 

To help wet your appetite I’m including the following snippet from later in the book.

“Who are you?” she finally asked. 

“You can call me Mr. Smith.” She gave him a patronizing look. “You could also call me a dirty son of a bitch. I could really care less.” His smiling expression never shifted. “You could say I’m with the opposition.” 

“You mean the people who tried to have me killed? Two, three times now?” 

“It was actually four.” He turned and smiled broadly. “You might not have noticed one. Dale and Gloria are actually quite good.” He returned to watching the crowd. 

“And is that why you’re here now? Attempt five?” 

“No. My specialty isn’t in that area. It’s in negotiation. The previous attempts on your life were made by overzealous members of our group that I must apologize for. I believe the best course of action would have simply been to talk to you and explain what was at stake, instead of driving you into the arms of Darrow.”