Patrick Tebbe's latest update for Crow’s Gambit

Jan 27, 2018

Hello supporters of Crow’s Gambit!

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We have passed the 200 mark and are within sight of the finish line. First, a big thank you to the GREAT SCIFI for the 21st CENTURY and BEYOND SYNDICATE which backed Crow’s Gambit this month.

What else has been going on you ask?

  • I’m using the AutoCrit package to slowly work through the draft and correct the more egregious aspects.
  • The story for the second book continues to be drafted. This is requiring a few "hooks" to be adjusted in Crow’s Gambit.
  • Once I have a little more time I plan to start laying out more timeline details of the events before Crow’s Gambit (i.e. worldbuilding).

We still have to get across that finish line though. If you haven’t made a Pre-Order yet now is the time when it would really help. If you know someone who might like the book, or maybe someone who just owes you $10, why not ask them to pick up a copy?

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As always than you for your support.