Patrick Tebbe's latest update for Crow’s Gambit

Feb 27, 2018

Great news everyone. Thanks to tremendous support Crow’s Gambit has hit 251 Pre-Orders. That means it will get published under the Quill imprint!


There are still about 34 hours left in the campaign. That means there is still time to lock in some of those Pre-Order perks if you haven’t ordered yet (or you have a friend how hasn’t).

  • Crow Research Investor ($10) - Supporter will receive a copy of the Crow Research company Prospectus.
  • Crow Research Employee ($20) - Supporter will receive a copy of the Crow Research Employee Manual and the Prospectus.
  • Crow Works Access ($60) - Supporter will receive the Employee Manual, Prospectus, and an identification badge allowing access to the top secret Crow Works (you also get your name on the patron page of the book too).

Thank you everyone for helping make this happen. I will continue to keep you updated as we shift into full editing and production mode.

More will come...