E.J. Roberts's latest update for Cracked but not Broken

Nov 5, 2015

Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to read Georgia's story. Unfortunately, I realized I made a major mistake back in "Day 4" of writing. I will be working on fixing that timeline error which will add more depth to Georgia and insight to her way of thinking. I will alert you when that is fixed.

Also, this book WILL be heading to publication one way or another. So, once I fix Day 5, that will be all I will be posting online for now. Once I reach 25 followers, I will post another 'chapter.' Yes, I will admit it. I'm not splitting anything in to real chapters until I get the entire book written and I can see the story as a whole. I'm currently splitting it up in to days that I write for now so I can track my progress in an easy manner.

Feel free to also message me and ask for another chapter. If I get enough requests, I will do so. But for now, I need to fix what I broke. ;-) I know this hasn't been an easy story to write and could very well not be an easy story to read. But I appreciate every single one of you who has taken the time to follow Cracked but not Broken. 

Thank you,

EJ Roberts