Ken Lindsey's latest update for Clockwork Charlie

Jun 1, 2016

First, let me start by saying that #Draftfest seems to be kicking along very nicely, and is a ton of fun.  If you haven’t taken part in the reading, commenting, and critiquing... well, you’re missing out.  Not only is it a great chance to find good stories and new authors, there are also lots of prizes to be had!  Here’s the link to the thread with all the info: Quit stalling and be part of this amazing event!

Now for some Clockwork Charlie updates:

I’m writing and editing daily, then editing and writing some more.  It’s going really well, and I am happily surprised pretty much every day at where the story is leading me.  I think readers will certainly enjoy it as well.  Gods and Goddesses, immortals, life consuming monsters, Robotic golems, heroes and villains galore...

I can’t wait to share it all with the world, and you early believers most of all.  Thanks for being a part in these oh so early stages of Clockwork Charlie’s life.  There are thirty-one of you as I write this, and I am amazed.  Each and every one of you is my hero today! 

The novel is nearly finished drafting (well, first-drafting I suppose) and will wind up being well over 100,000 words in it’s first-draft form.  I’m not going to start pre-orders until the first draft is totally finished, and has begun the editing (or really the hacking and slashing) stage.  Even then, I might hold off until the project has a certain number of followers.  Haven’t quite decided yet, in all honesty.

In my next update, I’ll be introducing a couple of key characters.  Until then, I encourage you to check out the Clockwork Charlie Pinterest Page to get an idea of what the world in the novel looks like. It will be updated randomly as things progress and I find images I like.

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to take part in #Draftfest!