Ken Lindsey's latest update for Clockwork Charlie

May 25, 2016

I’ll keep this update short and come back with lots of Clockwork Charlie news for you folks next week.  There’s so much going on, and #DraftShares starts on the 30th!  Read below for more info.

Clockwork Charlie short update: There’s a full length trailer on the project page now!  Please check it out and let me know what you think.  Thanks!

DraftShares update: Read below for event and prize info!

Get ready, because Draftshares is about to begin!

When: May 30th - June 4th

Readers: Check out as many drafts (projects currently in the Draft stage) as you can during the week of May 30th - June 3rd, and participate by opening and commenting on your favorite drafts’ excerpts.

Why: To encourage community engagement...and, PRIZES!

Prizes you say?: Yes! For every Draft (or synopsis*) you critique, you will be entered into a drawing for the following:

Prizes for Anyone

  • Three sets of a copy of Asteroid Made of Dragons, button, and shirt
  • Church of Technology/Deus Hex Machina swag (pins and shirts)
  • Copy of Shadow of the Owl
  • Signed copy of Ageless
  • Order of Dax Harrison
  • Order of Bones of the Past
  • Order of Proxy
  • Original drawing by Jack Katz
  • Ladies of Sci Fi poster from A.C. Weston
  • Mix CD set with custom cover art by C. Brennecke
  • $25 in Inkshares Credits

Prizes for Authors

  • Video editing by Yicheng Liu
  • Interview on The Warbler
  • Guest spot on Drinkshares: Last Call
  • $25 in Inkshares Credits

Drafters: Let us know if you’d like to receive a soft critique or a hard critique by messaging a member of the DLC cast or tweeting your project link @drinkshareslc with either the #critiquemekindly or #critiqueme hashtags. If you want your synopsis critiqued, include the hashtag #critiquemypage too.

Soft Critiques (#critiquemekindly): This is the default critique if the author has not specifically requested a hard critique. The tone should be supportive and curious. Point out things you like, comment on the broader story ideas, and ask questions.

Hard Critique (#critiqueme): Only give a hard critique if the author has specifically asked for one. This is where grammatical errors, typos, and oversights can be pointed out. It’s best to include elements of a soft critique too, but you can unleash your inner editor a bit more here.

*Synopsis Critique (#critiquemypage): Interested Drafters should create a thread in the Inkshares forum (, linked to their book draft, titled “Synopsis Edits: [Book Title Goes Here].”

Throughout the week, fellow authors will browse these threads and offer help with editing and improving your project page synopsis so you’re better prepared to switch over to funding with a fantastic, compelling, error-free introduction to your book!

Not sure where to start? Check out these Drafts first!:

Watch: Tune in at on Saturday, June 4th @ 4/3 Central to watch us discuss the drafts and announce the winners!

Good Luck & Great Drafting!