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1:44am – 2:39am



                The trucker’s name was Ryan.

                He was driving me and Bacon to the ER and hadn’t stopped talking since we got in the damn truck. It was a long drive anyways but now it was even longer. His truck barely had damage past the massive black ram bar.

                I had tried to talk him out of it, but the guy was panicked and I didn’t really have anywhere better to go. Something had happened, and Bacon had literally been brought back to life because of it. Wagging his tail and panting with that big smile of his on my lap I fought to believe any of this had actually happened. Maybe I was still in the car like one of those crazy horror stories. Where the guy thinks he’s still living, thinks he’s actually survived, when in reality his head is exploded over the entire inside of his car.

                “There it is.” Ryan yelps pointing to the barely visible hospital.

                I stare at it as we close down the highway and pull of in its direction. My mind thinks back to the car for a moment. We didn’t even call the police about it. Just grabbed Bacon and jumped in the car to move on. Ryan kept saying that he would call about it, that he’d show them where it was and take full responsibility for the whole thing. I didn’t care much about any of that. I wasn’t even sure what I cared about at that moment.

                The road leading to the ER was forced into a tight one lane wedge between the lineup of parked cars.

                “Jesus Christ.” Ryan breathed out, “Where the hell do I even park?”

                I spotted a tow-truck pulling away a van from the Ambulance parking spot. Then I saw the open space, probably way too tight for this truck but…

                “There.” I said pointing.

                “Is that a no parking?”

                “Doesn’t matter, all this shit is no parking.” I said shifting Bacon over.

                He pulled forward scraping his side mirror on the top of the raised Buick, then stopped. Within seconds we were out and pushing through the wind towards the front doors, Bacon practically between my legs.

                We heard the screams way before we came through the doors. And once we were inside, they were all we could hear.

                Bacon clung hard to me, moving from my right leg to my left as the people crowded around. They were everywhere, all of them in pain and agony. Some spewing vomit into bags, others in the plants. People screaming and holding out broken arms as the bones twisted and began forming into something else. I was… terrified.

                But Ryan, he was a level above that.

                The half-drunk trucker bumped into people, getting yelled at as well as ignored. He didn’t know what he was doing but was trying to do it anyway. I had to grab him and pull him off by the security office, which was completely empty.

                “We should go…” I said.

                “No way, you need to see somebody.” He argued looking around for someone to speak with.

                “We’ll be here all night, I feel fine.” I started to walk forward and he put his hand to me.

                “Look kid, I fucking get it. But maybe, just maybe we’re not here for you okay?” He said sternly.


                He looks to Bacon, “Maybe what you did for him, you can do for these people. Maybe there’s a reason behind all this.”

                I cocked my head to the side, but before I could even think of something to respond with he told me to wait here, and moved off to the front counter past a roomful of sobbing and screaming people. I leaned back against the wall in response to everything. My chest feeling empty. What the hell was going on? Everything had changed so rapidly and it was just, whirlpooling still.

                “Ow, ow. Ow, mommy ow.” I heard from my right.

                “I know baby, I know. We’ll see a doctor soon I promise.” A Mother held her young six or seven-year-old daughter close to her chest. The girl, with her bright blonde hair set in pigtails, was clutching onto her with her hands wrapped in a tight blanket. She was sweating and had her little face scrunched in pain.

                “Its too hot mommy.” She whimpered.

                “I know baby, I know. Not for long okay. Not for long.” She rubbed her back.

                Bacon whined.

                I looked down and he was staring at me, his nose pointed to her. And then, as if I wasn’t getting enough hints, he looked at the girl and gave a low level…


                I nodded and moved over slowly. Noting every little thing I saw the daughter wearing an almost identical necklace of a Christian Cross. Then I looked down at my hands, seeing the feintest of purple glow deep within my skin. And I just let myself go.

                “Ex… Excuse me.” I started.

                The mother looked up, not giving any response other than that.

                “I think I can help… her.” I nodded to the girl.

                The mother then gave me a look basically screaming at me to fuck off, but then the girl turned and looked up at me. She then reached her hands out and with closed eyes…

                “Please make it stop!”

                I lowered down beside Bacon and slowly took the blanket in my fingers. Removing it bit by bit until I saw her hands glowing orange and yellow. They were hot to the touch, literally burning away sections of the blanket and plastic bag which I assumed had been filled with ice. I let the blanket fall, and felt the eyes of everyone in the room on me.

                I let myself go, let my instincts take over.

                “This is going to help, trust me.” I then upturned my hands and lightly gripped hers.

                She gasped as the purple and pink colors of my hands blasted and mixed with hers. The light battling, almost becoming too bright to look. Then I felt my back and shoulders start to vibrate, my neck clenching and my chest tightening. It was like I was running, like I had been running for a long time. My body fighting to push on like I were going uphill.

                The color of her hands began to dim, puncturing deep into her forearms as it tried to run. But then it stopped and began sucking back in.

                I felt lightheaded, close to passing out.

                She started to smile, leaving out a breath with the words, “Its working!”

                And as the last bit of orange and yellow was consumed by my hands, the light cut off and I was lying on my back panting. My mind fogged up almost completely and I felt like I was in a gray bubble. I couldn’t hear, or see, or really even feel. I was just tired… so tired.

                Then I heard it.

                The girl’s voice sounding like an internal whisper.

                “Dear Lord, wake him up please. He helped me and he can help everybody here. Please wake him up. Please.”

                My eyes snapped open and I was staring at many different faces.

                I gave a deep cough before turning and practically dry heaving over the floor below me. Bacon kissing my chin and cheek stood me up onto my knees.

                “HE DID IT!” I heard the girl yell behind me, then I turned and looked and she gave the biggest… prettiest smile. Her eyes never breaking from mine she said… “I knew he’d wake you up, cause you’re him.”