Y. E. Katerina's latest update for Children of the Dire: The Renegade Blade

Jun 2, 2017

Greetings from a stranger,

Did you miss me?

Its been a couple of months since I updated here and that’s not without reason (trust me). I’ll be honest and say that last year was one of the craziest, hardest and busiest years yet. I got so caught up in school as well as person struggles that I put aside my commitment to this site and my readers. I apologize deeply for that. That does not mean I stopped working on my project because, believe me, my writings were the only thing that kept me sane. This project is something that, despite everything, has kept me on my feet. I apologize if this seems like a strange update, but I wanted to let you guys know that I am back

As for the project, I have gone through a whole rewrite of the series. I stripped it down, beat it with a pen, and killed my darlings till it was reborn again like a phoenix. So I’ve deleted all of the old chapters and will be replacing them with new ones. I’ve worked like mad on world-building, plot and fine tuning so that everything in these chapters matter, which was a lot of work. 

I am still 100% committed to my story and 100% committed to get it published. It would mean the world to me if you guys took a look at the new chapters and gave them an honest read. 

I plan to do a more formal update later on (which might be in video form). 

Thank you for all of your support :) 

Y.E. Katerina