Hey All!

Oh boy, do I have a rad illustration for you today! Art master Jack Katz has outdone himself. I am in love with this composition for the new poem "Suits". It’s something straight out of The First Kingdom! Hope you dig it too! -Matt

Poetry lovers, art lovers, good morning! 

I hope you’re all having a great Sunday. It’s been a long while since I’ve updated this project. I have a new poem, and I want to share. A Jack Katz illustration to follow in the next week or two. Enjoy!


There’s hot irony and cold irony
And in space it’s all one 
Gas clouds colder than the void
Heated engines of hyper energy
Dark matter, the next frontier
21s relativity 
A genius will convincingly
Explain, light has mass and bends
A thoughtful experiment

Our life-giver burns and space
Let’s build a furnace
Do we nothing but mimicry?
My vehicle will have combustion
Eating its food and belch waste
Should it not have eyes nose and mouth?

Let me clean my carpets
Suck up all dust with this machine
Noisy, dogs hide, fleeing the vacuum
Where none can survive
The air has gone, all gone
Just specks of dust as islands
Waiting to be sucked, by something bigger
The void chokes and hydrogen burns

But let us wear suits!
Oh, we shall be clothed, and have breath
A rock, zoned in safety
Maddening how illogical
The cruel irony of space
Ideas in the human mind
Confined to a single antfarm 
Anchored in place? Or not
Let us wear suits

Go forth, breathe among the gods 
Air is lost, I’ll pee in my clothes
Learn unlimited things
Secret knowledge just beyond 
Cosmic infinity
An equation will explain
Why we copy what we see
Rather dark matter, dark matter
And soil ourselves to explore 
We must wear suits.

Good Monday morning poetry devotees!

I had a great time Saturday reading two of my poems at the Alameda County Fair poetry competition (in the Bay Area). The past two years I’ve had multiple poems accepted into the contest - so when poetry day at the fair rolls around I swallow my butterflies and take to the mic!

As you might expect, the poetry reading isn’t exactly the fair’s primary attraction. But I still find it slightly nerve-racking speaking in front of a (small) crowd. This year I read "Don’t Forget the Cow Roads," a poem about how the roads in Berkeley are really paved cow paths from days gone by, and "The Moon Poem," a romantic poem only to be read together by lovers under the light of the moon.

If you happen to be in the Bay Area and relish a good ole county fair - or if you’ve never been! - I highly recommend going. Lot’s of fun. All sorts of attractions, and the fair food, I must admit is delicious. 

And you can see my poetry on display in the Plaza del Arte through July 4th!! My poems are hanging on walls "K" and "B". Many talented artists are exhibiting artwork, photography, poetry and much more - some of it is available for purchase. 

Until next time, here’s a couple of pics! -Matt

Hello dear poetry enthusiasts!

I figured I’d send a quick update just to let you all know things are progressing. This project is alive and well. I continue to write and Jack continues to outdo himself time and again with amazing illustrations. I’d like to share three poems in their illustrated forms, which have not previously been posted on Inkshares. They are all quite different and were completed in the second half of 2015.

The first one, "Toils and Turbulations" I would say is semi-autobiographical. Though each stanza does not directly refer to my own life. But it is a very personal poem.

The second poem, "The Sentinel" is about the power of friendship. It is one of my favorite Jack illustrations and feels very much like The First Kingdom with the number and variety of figures displayed in a small space, all with unique emotion and body language. 

The last poem was my attempt at a commentary on the differences between handicapped people and handicapped animals. As proof that I never tell Jack how to illustrate a piece, I can assure you that when I wrote the original poem I did not have a one-legged pirate in mind who is companions with a three-legged dog. But in Jack’s own special way, the illustration speaks perfectly to the original idea.

I hope you enjoyed these! 

More to follow... And if you have a few more minutes and the financial wherewithal, Jack and I would greatly appreciate if you had a look at The First Kingdom on Amazon.

Dear supporters of California's Lost Gold,

Thank-you for your patience. I realize there hasn't been much development here recently. This project is very dear to me though and it will be brought back into focus in the near future.

For the moment though, I have had to shift my attention first and foremost to my other Inkshares project - The Last Machine in the Solar System - which is funding and competing in the Sword & Laser competition. 

There are only 10 days remaining in the contest and my novella is in 2nd place! Truly incredible support, as we've garnered over 230 followers and 180+ readers.

But the contest remains very close and I could really use your support over there. Please have a look at the story. Give it a read. And if possible, hit pre-order, and move me one step closer to publication!

Thanks so much, -Matthew

Hey Everybody - 

I'm still working on creating a webpage offsite, that will link here, to display the images for the poems. But I want to get the ball rolling, so I've posted a few of the poems for you to dig into. Hope you enjoy. 

 More to come!