Matthew Isaac Sobin's latest update for California’s Lost Gold - Illustrated Poetry

Jul 9, 2017

Poetry lovers, art lovers, good morning! 

I hope you’re all having a great Sunday. It’s been a long while since I’ve updated this project. I have a new poem, and I want to share. A Jack Katz illustration to follow in the next week or two. Enjoy!


There’s hot irony and cold irony
And in space it’s all one 
Gas clouds colder than the void
Heated engines of hyper energy
Dark matter, the next frontier
21s relativity 
A genius will convincingly
Explain, light has mass and bends
A thoughtful experiment

Our life-giver burns and space
Let’s build a furnace
Do we nothing but mimicry?
My vehicle will have combustion
Eating its food and belch waste
Should it not have eyes nose and mouth?

Let me clean my carpets
Suck up all dust with this machine
Noisy, dogs hide, fleeing the vacuum
Where none can survive
The air has gone, all gone
Just specks of dust as islands
Waiting to be sucked, by something bigger
The void chokes and hydrogen burns

But let us wear suits!
Oh, we shall be clothed, and have breath
A rock, zoned in safety
Maddening how illogical
The cruel irony of space
Ideas in the human mind
Confined to a single antfarm 
Anchored in place? Or not
Let us wear suits

Go forth, breathe among the gods 
Air is lost, I’ll pee in my clothes
Learn unlimited things
Secret knowledge just beyond 
Cosmic infinity
An equation will explain
Why we copy what we see
Rather dark matter, dark matter
And soil ourselves to explore 
We must wear suits.