Matthew Isaac Sobin's latest update for California’s Lost Gold - Illustrated Poetry

Jan 5, 2016

Dear supporters of California's Lost Gold,

Thank-you for your patience. I realize there hasn't been much development here recently. This project is very dear to me though and it will be brought back into focus in the near future.

For the moment though, I have had to shift my attention first and foremost to my other Inkshares project - The Last Machine in the Solar System - which is funding and competing in the Sword & Laser competition. 

There are only 10 days remaining in the contest and my novella is in 2nd place! Truly incredible support, as we've garnered over 230 followers and 180+ readers.

But the contest remains very close and I could really use your support over there. Please have a look at the story. Give it a read. And if possible, hit pre-order, and move me one step closer to publication!

Thanks so much, -Matthew