Robert Batten's latest update for Blood Capital

Nov 30, 2018

Hi All,

Thank you everyone for following my novel or pre-ordering a copy. As I’ve posted before, this feed of Inkshares emails is deliberately quiet, as I send out most of my updates using my author newsletter. I do this as I have many subscribers from outside Inkshares and it’s the easiest way to manage things (and avoid hitting you twice with emails). If you aren’t subscribed to my newsletter, you can sign up here:

I’m writing this email now to ask for your help. I’ve been made aware my newsletters have been falling foul of spam filters and dropping into many people’s spam folders. I’ve just sent out my November update and I’d like to ask the following favours of anyone who’s subscribed:

  1. If you haven’t seen my author newsletter in your inbox, could you double check your spam folder? If it’s there, can you please click the "not spam" button?
  2. Could you please add (the address my newsletter comes from) to your contacts? This will help tell the mail providers that you do want to receive my emails.

Thank you for your help. I hope everyone is excited for the holiday season!

PS: as part of my process to clean-up the mailing list and get back on the good side of the spam algorithms, I’ve had to purge many emails from the list. If you thought you were subscribed, but don’t have a newsletter in your inbox or spam folder, I may have accidentally purged you — sorry! You can re-subscribe here: