Robert Batten's latest update for Blood Capital

Sep 14, 2017

It’s September, Spring has begun in my neck of the world, and the percentage complete on my rewrite tracking continues to climb! 

I’m now halfway through the developmental edit rewrite of the second act of Human Resources, and it’s going well. I recently received detailed notes back from my editor for act one, and it was very encouraging; there were a lot of notes, but they were almost entirely at a very low level, suggesting we now have the structure and flow of act one working nicely. My current plan is to power through the rest of act two, hand it over, implement the fixes to act one while they read it, the jump into act three. 

It’s time I addressed the elephant lurking in the corner; I know you’re all wondering, “why is this update so late?” Rest assured I still care. The truth, one which totally sounds like a line, but it isn’t (I promise), is that I’ve been so caught up in the rewrite I almost forgot about the update. 

Welcome to those who have recently pre-ordered, thank you for joining the team that is helping make this book a reality. For everyone else, thank you for sticking with me — your patience will be rewarded.