Stephen Carignan
From the very start, Bad Medicine: Slay it Queen! is sure to delight audiences of any demographic. The tone is surprisingly light, but this doesn't detract from the rich undercurrent of the story. Characters are both heightened and realistic at the same time, and the world they inhabit is fully realized and wonderful to dive into. I can't wait to see this in stores. 
Christopher Huang
The zombie apocalypse gets a new twist in the form of the drag queen scene! Henriquez clearly knows his subject matter: the attitude is delightfully sassy, the banter sparkles, and the details feel real. The juxtaposition of zombie gore with fashion consciousness--deadly peril seen through a lens of frivolity--gives the whole thing a quirky humour that keeps you coming back for more.
Lena (Helena and Malena)
Drag queens fighting zombies in stilettos? Plus it's illustrated? Need I say more?
Ruth Campos
somehow a perfect balance of funny and scary
Joshua Griffith
what a way to get that big drag queen opportunity squashed by a pesky zombie outbreak. couldn't they've waited a few weeks? A great story and will keep you on edge with suspense and humor. Check it out, I highly recommend Bad Medicine: Slay it queen!
Ben Thomas
Wow, what a wild genre mash-up! Bad Medicine is equal parts Brett Easton Ellis, Chuck Palahniuk, and... Sam Raimi?? It's safe to say this is the only drag-queen-vs-zombies gorefest you'll read all year... or possibly ever!
Stephen Carignan
This work speaks to me on many levels. The writing and story are wonderfully engaging.
P.H. James
Drag queens fighting zombies?!! That's all you to say. Ricardo has a proven track record of quality with The Catcher's Trap. This deserves to be as equally successful. Please grab a copy. You bettah wurk!
Alisa King
Yaaasss queen!! I love me some RuPaul Drag Race and The Walking Dead :) Can't wait to read more!
Jamison Stone
So excited for this book! While I would read anything Ricardo Henriquez wrote, this book in particular looks awesome! I mean, a drag queen zombie slayer--that's fantastic!