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Chapter Two

I could feel the fatigue climbing my muscles. My hair stuck to my spine, itching every time my feet pounded the ground.
            Doc’s voice whispered in my mind. Reminding me that children was a natural part of life. That I was created to bring forth new children. That my genes would save The Domes, and all of mankind.
            I ran faster.
            My body would be sore tomorrow, I knew that, but I didn’t care. I couldn’t handle the responsibility of my generation, my ‘’siblings’’. So I tried to outrun them, knowing it wouldn’t help.
            Someone ran up beside me. By now I was huffing and puffing, but he hadn’t even broken a sweat.
            “Adam,” I huffed.
            He grinned at me, brown eyes sparkling. “Doc took the responsibility-speech on yah?”
I didn’t answer, and his grin widened. He leaned into me, making my tired muscles buckle. We went down. He laughed, rolling over on his back and looking up. I did the same, painfully aware of how much I must smell.
            “Where’s Iris?”
            “At work.”
            We stayed quiet, shoulders almost touching, eyes upward. We couldn’t see the sky. None of The Domes population had ever seen the sky. Above us was a spiders web of metal beams holding glass. Here they were hexagons, over the hospital they were squared. Some places they were round. As we watched, something hit the glass, shooting cracks along the glass and blinding me for a second. When the white cracks cleared from my eyes I could make out the purple lightning storm blocking our view of the sky. Another bolt hit the glass.
            “One day,” Adam said. “I’ll climb one of the coils.”
            “That would mean going outside the walls.”
            “Yeah, but the Teslas do it all the time. How else do they fix the coils?”
            I shrugged. The tesla coils was the main source of energy in The Domes. The main coil stood in the middle of them all, pointing up into the sky. Dynamos under the ground, run by workers – called Dynamos, originally enough – gave the coils the power they needed to create the lightning storm. The voltage shot out of the main coil, hitting and powering the smaller coils, that then sent voltage through the air and powered the entire city. We’d learned about how they worked in school, but it didn’t stick in my mind. Adam on the other hand loved it, and dreamed of becoming a Tesla – the workers that did upkeep on the coils. He had even gotten an apprenticeship, despite his father’s wish that he become part of the Council.
            “Why aren’t you at work, anyway?” I asked.
            “Check-up day for me too.”
            Once a month all us from A. G. had a doctors day. We got the day off from work, even though the check-up only took four hours.  
            “So yours gave the speech too?” I asked, remembering his words.
            He sighed. “Yeah. They’re pushing for me to give them leave to use my sperm. What about you?”
            “They’ve already used my eggs, and they know I’m not crawling into bed with any guy soon.”
            He barked a laugh. “You didn’t tell them that?”
            I couldn’t help grinning. “Yeah, or close enough, anyway.”
            He sat up, looking down at me with mirth in his eyes. “You are the weirdest girl I’ve ever met!”
            “You haven’t met all that many girls.”
            “As many as you.”
            He opened his mouth to say something else, but a blare of alarm filled the air. We jumped up, looking around, but the others in the training dome looked as confused as us. An explosion from up above made us all look up.
            On the outside of The Dome lightning hit the glass and metal in a higher tempo than usual. Then the base of the coil started to flicker, and a pre-recorded message we’d all seen before started playing.  

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