Anniken Haga's latest update for Artificial Generation

Feb 13, 2018

Hey again, guys! 
It’s been quiet from me a while, but here is finally an update on ARTIFICIAL GENERATION! 

As you know, I didn’t win the contest here on Inkshares I joined, and after it ended I chose to end the crowd-funding, so I didn’t reach any of the goals for publishing through Inkshares. 
That was because the funding took too much out of me. 
But I promised you then ARTIFICIAL GENERATION would still be a reality, and now it is! 

The ebook can already now be pre-ordered for Kindle, just follow this link here
The paperback isn’t up yet, but will be up by the release date on March 1th. 
ARTIFICIAL GENERATION is also on Goodreads, so head on over and add it to your shelf, or give a review whenever you get around to reading the book! 

I know there’s been some confusion about getting the book and not because of this site. 
Even if you bought a copy last summer, you will have to buy a new copy now through Amazon. The money you spent on Inkshares should have been returned to you, though, so you didn’t lose anything. 

Again, thank you to everyone that helped me last summer, and everyone that has stuck with me since.
You are all amazing, and if not for the enthusiasm I met when trying to win the contest, I’m not sure I’d have gone all the way with ARTIFICIAL GENERATION as I now have. Thank you.