Deborah Munro
Haga has crafted a world reminiscent of The Handmaid's Tale, where an entire segment of the population is raised for their baby-producing potential. Elena is a 23 year old virgin who has provided eggs to three couples, but now society wants more from her
Niels Elling Wisth
I enjoyed Artificial Generation a lot. You may look forward to an interesting post-apocalyptic vault-dweller-esque tale, where the protagonist's society live in domes to protect themselves from a virus outbreak. See Discussion for more, cut off here.
Jane-Holly Meissner
Intriguing premise, the samples pull you right into the story and set up the stakes - just the future of all of humanity. For Elena, it's her agency and her life.
Unpredictable and thrilling! The characters makes it easy to get involved in the story. The novel is fast paced and imaginative, but at the same times it manages to be relevant and relate able.
I really enjoyed reading Artificial Generation. The story is fast paced and never boring. I highly recommend this for sci-fi lovers.
Wendie Barthel
I love that cover
William Bartlett
I really like it so far! I love this world you've created.