JF Dubeau's latest update for Arch-Android

Mar 8, 2018

Hey there friends,

Yesterday was the last day of funding for Arch-Android. As you can easily guess, we’ve not met our funding goal. To be honest, as excited as I am for this book, I could never find the time and energy to put into the campaign. I’ve never been comfortable asking people to buy things, especially if I’m going in for seconds, which I felt was the case.

There was also a lot of work to be put into marketing and promoting A God in the Shed along with writing the sequel, Song of the Sandman. All while keeping a nine-to-five job and a somewhat normal life.

Essentially, Arch-Android became the victim of my success and lack of success at the same time. Doing well enough to consume my time, but not quite to the point where I can free myself of the 40 hours a week I spend at my day job.

So what does that mean for Arch-Android?

  1. Including Arch-Android I am currently sitting on three unpublished manuscripts that have no attached publishing future. I plan on finding a place for all of them by the end of 2018.
  2. My focus is currently on making Song of the Sandman the best version of itself as it can be. I’m learning a lot about how to best structure a sequel, mostly through trial and error. I intend to apply these lessons to Arch-Android as I re-edit it.
  3. Then, depending on where my publishing career stands I will either commission all the necessary work (editing, cover design, etc.) and self-publish Arch-Android. I’m also toying with the idea of giving out the story for free or, if I feel that it is something I can accomplish without sacrificing too much, I may very well attempt to fund through Inkshares again.
  4. Unfortunately, this leaves you, the reader, in a place where all you can do is wait and I’m sorry for that. There are characters and events in Arch-Android that I hunger to share with you all. Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to do so in 2019 or 2020.

I can’t thank you enough for the support you’ve provided me. It stings that this very support that many of you have supplied is the reason I’m tied up in other projects to the point where I can’t do justice to Arch-Android with a proper campaign. I hope that, if I do come back asking for help again, you’ll be willing to give it one more time.


JF Dubeau