Deborah Munro's latest update for APEX

Feb 20, 2018

Hello Dear Readers,

I’m in a second campaign to increase my followers, so if you like dark fantasy (or know someone who does), here’s your chance to win a great collection of Stephen King memorabilia!

It’s finally here! The Ultimate Stephen King Dark Tower Giveaway!

For one week only, you have the opportunity to enter to win a full boxed set of the Dark Tower novels, plus other books, the movie, and various collectible memorabilia worth over $250. 

You will be helping a small group of authors build their mailing list, but remember you’re always free to unsubscribe after the contest. I sincerely hope you’ll stay, as I want to share information with you about my upcoming novel, APEX, a sci-fi thriller set in rural Oregon. It won the Crypt TV horror contest on Inkshares and will be published this year. 
For an extra entry into the giveaway contest, you can follow me on Twitter, as well. 

Simply follow to the site.

Cheers, Debbie