Joni Dee's latest update for And the Wolf Shall Dwell

Sep 24, 2016

Hi All,

Long time! Many of you were wondering when the book is out, and I have been getting a lot of queries regarding. Well, the truth is that I don’t really know. Inkshares has been going through a lot of managerial changes, and structure reforms, and at the moment this means that the Wolf’s publication date is pushed back sadly only to mid next year.

On my end, I have submitted the manuscript as required, and armed with patience I’m waiting for the girls in the production department (Avalon and Angela) to assign me an editor and get the ball rolling. So keep being patient -Inkshares is doing their best in these hectic times for the company, and we can just wish them luck and stay put!

On a different note, as part of the management changes - Inkshares decided that a lot of recurring credit orders have caused the company financial harm and are thus cancelling them across the board. Sadly, as everything in life that is done on a massive scale (this is across the website and not just to this project) - more than a few cash orders have been effected too - I’ve got numerous queries for credit cards being refunded. 
I understand this is frustrating to some of you but Thad the company’s CPO and co founder explained to me personally this is vital for Inkshares’ sustainability.

Do me a favour, though the campaign is long over, and this won’t effect the production of the book, if you got a refunded order please either email me or inkshares or simply get in to your account to make sure your order is still alive.

Meanwhile, hold on patiently and keep recommending the book to your friends. THANKS!