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Chapter 4

"Murder at an international genetics meeting! Stay tuned for the shocking report here on New York’s best local coverage. WIBC, streaming to you live from cloud station 307.

"A leading scientist at Rockefeller Center for Genetics, one of New York’s top genetic labs and fertility clinics, was found murdered today in a conference room at the Javits Convention Center where she was attending the Way Forward conference of genetic scientists from around the world. No suspects have been identified at this time. As we reported earlier, the convention center is on complete lockdown and all visiting conference attendees have been secured in their respective hotels for the time being while all attendees local to New York City as well as the convention center employees were transferred to an undisclosed location.

"Police have released no details about the crime scene or the victim. Witnesses who found the body were quickly taken into custody for further investigation.

"A source inside the NYPD has said that INTERPOL’s leading expert on violent crimes, one Casey Adler, has been on loan to them investigating other similar crimes in the city and has been brought in to conduct the investigation. The FBI has also sent their own experts to consult, but as the murder happened on New York City public property at an international convention, they are deferring the lead to the INTERPOL agent as the NYPD as requested.

"The international conference the murdered scientist was attending is called "Way Forward: A Path to a Solution". The theme of the conference was one of hope and a bright future as these experts met to discuss the growing apprehensions among the citizens of the world about the recent rise in violent crimes and unstable minds many experts attribute to flawed fertility practices. The tone of this conference will no doubt shift after these tragic events.

"Comments from the director of Rockefeller Center, Nancy Portman, have not been made public, however a press conference has been scheduled for this evening at 1700. Stay tuned to WIBC for live coverage of that and all other news related to this tragic event."

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