Karr Leroy
Ah, Epic Fantasy, how I've missed thee! Joseph Keeler, from the first opening line, hooks you on the classic Fantasy genre and does it well. Prologues are rarely needed, but that being said it wasn't boring. The read is fun, engaging and fantastical!
jacob browning
An intriguing fantasy tale off to a good start. Always a fan of magic I really like how the magic works so far. Check this book out if you haven't already.
A. White
Seems very interesting from what I have read so far. I like the maps. Clash with the Immortals, author.
TCC Edwards
The prose could use a little tightening in places, and a bit more time spent showing the action would help a lot. Overall, the mythology is great, and I love the worldbuilding and attention to detail.
I see that the Aellor Prophecies is funding now, and I'm certain it's a good investment. I'd sure like to see where this story is going!
J.M. Bush
Prologue and First Chapter:
The prologue felt unneeded but, to be fair, I'm sure we'll see why it IS needed later. There were some bits and bobs here and there; some misplaced periods and incorrect capitalizations... but who cares? That stuff will be sorted in editing!!! The bold truth here is that this is a good start to an epic story. I liked what I read. Some of the descriptions felt long winded and could use some tightening, but overall I truly think it's going to be a nice book. Looking forward to more.

Christopher Lee
Keeler borrows from the classics, a child with a great destiny is born, and shows us a world with immense potential. The prologue takes us on an epic trip through the celestial creation myth of the world of Aellor. Often a prologue is looked at as unnecessary, but in the case of Keeler's monolithic scope, I found it refreshing and well worth the brevity of its read. Chapter One takes us and throws us into the fire quite literally, all too often the setup of Epic Fantasy must first take us through the same monotonous steps. Keeler punches you right in the mouth with a fantastically flaming entrance to Aellor. 
Michael Dean Borges
Although Fantasy is not necessarily my first choice (nor second or third really) when it comes to the writing style Keeler uses, it is fresh and interesting and kept my intrigued as I was reading. If Fantasy is your cup of tea, I think this is definitely a good read!
Ashley Brandt
This has such an intense premise already, it's got me excited to read it!
Ashley Brandt
Aellor Prophecies is a story that hooks readers right from the very prologue. It holds an intense premise, which makes readers anticipate the action that's about to unfold within the story, and the story flows smoothly so that the reader doesn't get confused or bored.