Hey everyone, thank you so much for your preorders when I was trying to win the Nerdist contest here on Inkshares. The time frame for this campaign has come to an end and we didn’t hit quill or win the contest so everyone should be receiving their money back! Thanks again for trying and helping out. I know my books and content will be out there and I will find success - I just don’t know where or when yet. It’s exciting and a bit nerve-racking but I know that hard work and dedication pays off.

Thanks again! If you want to continue to support my dreams and my future as an author, there are currently two ways to do so:

Most importantly, is through positive Amazon reviews for my first book, A Soldier’s Crest. I’m currently at 25 reviews and trying to hit 30 so I would really appreciate any support I can get in that department. The Amazon reviews that are "verified"(which means you bought the book directly from Amazon and they can confirm you actually own the thing) weigh a lot more heavily in their algorithm and go a long way, so if you have already purchased the book or are planning to do so, your reviews will count a lot more towards my goal.

The other way is to preorder my new campaign here on Inkshares for the Geek and Sundry contest - A Soldier’s Crest: Heroes of Khroma. Where Imperium was a bit of a stand-alone with brand new characters from A Soldier’s Crest, Heroes of Khroma is the direct sequel to the first book and it would really help me out to reach 250 preorders on Inkshares so I don’t have to pay out of pocket to get the 2nd book published.

Thanks again everyone for the support during this contest and thank you in advance if you continue to support me on this journey. It really means the world to me!

-Joseph Angotti

Hey everyone! Just reaching out once more to try to get some positive reviews over on Amazon for my first book: A Soldier’s Crest

I’m currently at 22 reviews and trying to reach 30. Any and all help/support would be much appreciated!

If you have already reviewed it - thank you so much! I heard that 30 reviews goes a long way in terms of getting more exposure and that certain companies will reach out to you once you reach 30 positive reviews so that’s why I’m really pushing for it! I didn’t think getting to 22 would go this fast, so I’m really happy and excited about it but 30 is too close for us to stop now! Let’s get it done!

Thank you!


Hey everyone! Just a friendly reminder (I’ll be doing this periodically throughout the next 2 months and a half - sorry!) if you preordered A Soldier’s Crest: Imperium to help me try to win the Nerdist contest - that contest is over and we unfortunately did not win. Luckily all of your money shall be refunded after the "campaign period" - which is in 42 days. Again, I apologize for that, but just know that the money is coming back to you.

If you’re still interested in helping out, I’ve entered a new contest here on Inkshares that is run by Geek and Sundry(Partners of Nerdist) and basically has the same premise as the last one. This time the theme is Fantasy and I am entering the 2nd book in the Soldier’s Crest Series/Universe which is the continuation of my book that came out last April. The first place person in this contest currently has 103 unique preorders. Another words, if all the same people preordered this one that preordered the last one I would be in first place by almost 20 preorders! The 10th place person only has 46 unique preorders so even if half of the people who preordered last time did it this time I would at least be in the Top 10(which would equal more exposure). I’m not trying to send a million annoying Facebook private messages this time, so if you see this Email/Update and want to help support I will be forever grateful but I’ll try not to be overly annoying this time!

I entered this contest way earlier than the last one so we have until Nov. 1st to make it into the Top 3. I believe we can do it!

Here is the link to the current contest, you preorder the same exact way as last time. Only unique preorders count so please don’t preorder more than once unless you do it under a different name(different family members for example)

Link: A Soldier’s Crest: Heroes of Khroma

If you’re interested in helping me achieve my dreams without spending a single cent, I am currently trying to get to 30 positive reviews on my first book on Amazon. So if you still want to help out without spending money, head on over there and write a review. It literally only takes you 5-10 minutes(depending on how much you want to write) and goes a long way in helping my Amazon rank and my book to get more notice.

Here is the Link for that: A Soldier’s Crest

Lastly, I just want to say that I’m really proud of all that I’ve accomplished so far but I know I’m no where near done or where I want to be yet. Luckily, the support has been tremendous and the response to my pleas for help or just the overall interest in the book has really been great and I want to thank each and every one of you for helping me get this far.

Casey said something really nice to me when I was hounding everyone in the last contest: "I hope you succeed... Your win is our win."

^I will stand by this no matter what if my writing leads to anything. If you preorder, write a review, buy a book or even ask about it - I consider you coming along for this journey. If I ever reach that Harry Potter/Game of Thrones level of success, I will do everything in my power to make sure we(and our families) all live easier lives. I’m looking forward to paying it forward.

Thank you! :)

An update to those who preordered "A Soldier’s Crest: Imperium." Unfortunately, we didn’t win this one but I can’t be any happier than I already am with the love and support I received during those 10 grueling days of harassing most of you on facebook, twitter, instagram and whatever else I could use. It was tiring, it was brutal and it was pretty satisfying in the end. 122 preorders was a lot for such a short campaign. I have decided to put ASC: Imperium on the shelf for now(though if it somehow reached 250 preorders, I would still complete it right now) - if it does not hit 250 preorders, you will be getting your money back once this "campaign" comes to a close.

Now we must look to the future, a future with a brand new contest run by Geek and Sundry right here on Inkshares. I know that it’s a lot to ask after everything with the first contest, but I once again must call upon you all to support and help push my dream and make it a reality! This time we have A LOT more time to make this happen. The contest runs from August 1st to November 1st and I’ve entered it on Day 1 and not the last 10 days of the contest. The theme this time around is Fantasy, so I expect the competition to be a lot more fierce and for there to be a lot more entries. Therefore, I must once again put myself out there and ask for everyone’s help and support - please preorder my new entry into this contest on Inkshares!

Here is the link if you don’t feel like navigating Inkshares website:


ASC: Heroes of Khroma is actually the second book in the Soldier’s Crest series. Self-publishing is a lot of work and can be extremely expensive so if I can manage to win this contest with the second book in the series it will save me a ton of time and money. Please help me achieve this dream of mine! If you’re unable to, there is no hard feelings what-so-ever. I truly am grateful that you all helped me with that epic, legendary push in the last contest and I will never forget that!

Thank you,

-Joseph Angotti

This has been a pretty crazy day! Win or lose, the Nerdist/Inkshares Video Game contest has been a blast. I want to thank everyone who has supported so far - everyone still planning to support and everyone who has followed me or reached out over the last 10 days. We have been quite a force and we’re currently over 100 preorders! I know the contest is almost over but this is a crazy accomplishment! Had their been just a bit more time left in this contest, I might have been able to pull this off or crack the top 3!(Heck, at the rate we’re rising - it might still -BE- possible!)

Either way, I am extremely grateful to everyone who has contributed. Some pretty cool things happened today as well:

Quick backstory: I am a huge fan of Spartacus. It is my favorite show of all time - so I reached out to a few of the cast members on Twitter.

Ellen Hollman(@EllenHollman) - who plays the amazingly beautiful warrior Saxa - retweeted my plea for help! That alone was pretty awesome!

Then, if you haven’t read the Inkshares blog where they asked a lot of the entries in this contest what books they would want to be made into video games, you need to go and read that RIGHT NOW! (http://blog.inkshares.com/post/147401284270/top-authors-in-the-nerdist-video-games-contest)

My choice was The Shannara series by Terry Brooks. So I posted about it on Twitter and Mr. Brooks himself(@OfficialBrooks) liked the tweet! It was quite the honor! Especially as an aspiring author!

Thank you again to everyone for the support - if you haven’t preordered any of the books in the top 10 of this contest yet, I encourage you to go for it! If you join this rollercoaster of preorders I’ve been on for the last 10 days - I really appreciate you! Good luck to everyone!

-Joseph Angotti


We’re live on twitch for some last minute preorders! Come on in and chat about the contest, A Soldier’s Crest, the future of the series, video games and whatever else you all want to chat about!


Well... Here we are. The final day for a surge, final day for a push. I entered this contest late - but the support over the last 10 days has been AMAZING! 8th place, 78 preorders and a ton of support and interaction with new writers, old writers, friends and family - it has been quite the journey! 

**Thank you to everyone that has contributed!**

Now, it’s up to us to decide if this journey is over or just beginning. With the contest coming to its end, I sit in a position that I didn’t think I would find myself in. I like to believe that this near-impossible rally has not come to its end yet! I like to believe that there is one last, super powerful, ultimate surge/push left within all of us! This could easily go down as the biggest comeback/upset in crowdfunding history and I want you all to be a part of it! Let’s make this final push! Onward(and upward)! To Victory!

-Joseph Angotti

First, I want to thank all of the new preorderers and followers. As well as all of those who have preordered already! The support so far has been amazing! That being said there are only 2 days left in the contest...

Now is the time! I haven’t given up hope, even with 2 days left and 120+ preorders out of the top 3 spots. I’m not giving up on my dream of working with Nerdist, or creating books and content with their stamp of approval. I’m not giving up on getting published by Inkshares through this contest. I’ve generated quite the amount of preorders and I entered the contest late. 120+ in two days can only be done by one person in this contest and that person is (hopefully!) me! So let’s make some history.

Via the @SoldiersCrest Instagram and Twitter complete with fantastic hashtags:

"With 2 days left and over 120 preorders separating me from the top 3, now is the time to be a part of the greatest upset in #‎crowdfunding #‎history - we can still do this people! We can still win! Help me achieve my dream! #‎letsdothis #‎writing #‎writersofig #‎author #‎authorsofinstagram #‎amwritingfantasy #‎amwritingscifi #‎videogames #‎CoD #‎CallofDuty #‎fantasy #‎gaming #‎Overwatch #‎Destiny #‎please #‎help #‎upset #‎book #‎books #‎bookworm #‎bookstagram #‎Nerdist #‎inkshares #‎nerdstagram #‎rally #‎victory #‎thisissparta"

That’s right, people. If we can manage to pull this off and land ASC: Imperium into the top 3 this could easily go down as one of the biggest upsets in Crowdfunding History. A huge underdog comeback type story. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? Let’s get these preorders in, tell your friends and family members and spread the word. Let’s all make history together! The worst that could happen is we don’t make it and everyone gets their money back anyway, right? Let’s go for it! :)

Thank you everyone for the support! With only 4 days left we sit above 50 preorders and just a little over 100 out of the top 3. I know it’s a tall hill to climb with some amazing talent ahead as competition but if we work together and get this story idea out to as many people as possible I am sure we can rally to the top 3! I can only go as far as you all can take me, so please be my wings! Help me achieve my dream! Thank you again!