Joey Angotti's latest update for A Soldier’s Crest: Imperium

Aug 4, 2016

An update to those who preordered "A Soldier’s Crest: Imperium." Unfortunately, we didn’t win this one but I can’t be any happier than I already am with the love and support I received during those 10 grueling days of harassing most of you on facebook, twitter, instagram and whatever else I could use. It was tiring, it was brutal and it was pretty satisfying in the end. 122 preorders was a lot for such a short campaign. I have decided to put ASC: Imperium on the shelf for now(though if it somehow reached 250 preorders, I would still complete it right now) - if it does not hit 250 preorders, you will be getting your money back once this "campaign" comes to a close.

Now we must look to the future, a future with a brand new contest run by Geek and Sundry right here on Inkshares. I know that it’s a lot to ask after everything with the first contest, but I once again must call upon you all to support and help push my dream and make it a reality! This time we have A LOT more time to make this happen. The contest runs from August 1st to November 1st and I’ve entered it on Day 1 and not the last 10 days of the contest. The theme this time around is Fantasy, so I expect the competition to be a lot more fierce and for there to be a lot more entries. Therefore, I must once again put myself out there and ask for everyone’s help and support - please preorder my new entry into this contest on Inkshares!

Here is the link if you don’t feel like navigating Inkshares website:

ASC: Heroes of Khroma is actually the second book in the Soldier’s Crest series. Self-publishing is a lot of work and can be extremely expensive so if I can manage to win this contest with the second book in the series it will save me a ton of time and money. Please help me achieve this dream of mine! If you’re unable to, there is no hard feelings what-so-ever. I truly am grateful that you all helped me with that epic, legendary push in the last contest and I will never forget that!

Thank you,

-Joseph Angotti