Joey Angotti's latest update for A Soldier’s Crest: Imperium

Oct 4, 2016

Hey everyone, thank you so much for your preorders when I was trying to win the Nerdist contest here on Inkshares. The time frame for this campaign has come to an end and we didn’t hit quill or win the contest so everyone should be receiving their money back! Thanks again for trying and helping out. I know my books and content will be out there and I will find success - I just don’t know where or when yet. It’s exciting and a bit nerve-racking but I know that hard work and dedication pays off.

Thanks again! If you want to continue to support my dreams and my future as an author, there are currently two ways to do so:

Most importantly, is through positive Amazon reviews for my first book, A Soldier’s Crest. I’m currently at 25 reviews and trying to hit 30 so I would really appreciate any support I can get in that department. The Amazon reviews that are "verified"(which means you bought the book directly from Amazon and they can confirm you actually own the thing) weigh a lot more heavily in their algorithm and go a long way, so if you have already purchased the book or are planning to do so, your reviews will count a lot more towards my goal.

The other way is to preorder my new campaign here on Inkshares for the Geek and Sundry contest - A Soldier’s Crest: Heroes of Khroma. Where Imperium was a bit of a stand-alone with brand new characters from A Soldier’s Crest, Heroes of Khroma is the direct sequel to the first book and it would really help me out to reach 250 preorders on Inkshares so I don’t have to pay out of pocket to get the 2nd book published.

Thanks again everyone for the support during this contest and thank you in advance if you continue to support me on this journey. It really means the world to me!

-Joseph Angotti