Joey Angotti's latest update for A Soldier’s Crest: Imperium

Jul 13, 2016

First, I want to thank all of the new preorderers and followers. As well as all of those who have preordered already! The support so far has been amazing! That being said there are only 2 days left in the contest...

Now is the time! I haven’t given up hope, even with 2 days left and 120+ preorders out of the top 3 spots. I’m not giving up on my dream of working with Nerdist, or creating books and content with their stamp of approval. I’m not giving up on getting published by Inkshares through this contest. I’ve generated quite the amount of preorders and I entered the contest late. 120+ in two days can only be done by one man in this contest and that man is (hopefully!) me! So let’s make some history.

Via the @SoldiersCrest Instagram and Twitter complete with fantastic hashtags:

"With 2 days left and over 120 preorders separating me from the top 3, now is the time to be a part of the greatest upset in #‎crowdfunding #‎history - we can still do this people! We can still win! Help me achieve my dream! #‎letsdothis #‎writing #‎writersofig #‎author #‎authorsofinstagram #‎amwritingfantasy #‎amwritingscifi #‎videogames #‎CoD #‎CallofDuty #‎fantasy #‎gaming #‎Overwatch #‎Destiny #‎please #‎help #‎upset #‎book #‎books #‎bookworm #‎bookstagram #‎Nerdist #‎inkshares #‎nerdstagram #‎rally #‎victory #‎thisissparta"

That’s right, people. If we can manage to pull this off and land ASC: Imperium into the top 3 this could easily go down as one of the biggest upsets in Crowdfunding History. A huge underdog comeback type story. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? Let’s get these preorders in, tell your friends and family members and spread the word. Let’s all make history together! The worst that could happen is we don’t make it and everyone gets their money back anyway, right? Let’s go for it! :)