Paul Gentile's latest update for A Magnificent Madness and the Line in the Sand

Nov 10, 2017

A huge thank you again to everyone for supporting A Magnificent Madness and the Line in the Sand. It just got chosen as a Quill Brotherhood Syndicate pick but still has a long ways to go before getting the 250 pre-orders it needs for publishing. Only 20 days left. No matter what happens it was a great experience and very touching to see how many people are willing to support this dream of mine. Please share this website:

with anyone you can think of. Or not (maybe you would like your money back at the end of the month when the campaign ends for Christmas shopping). Hey! That gives me a great idea. I just thought of the perfect gift for someone - a brand new novel.

Thank you again,

    Pauldemort Gentile 

P.S. I’m considering adopting that as my pen name. J.K. Rowling is already taken.