Tom Galusha
This story really grabbed me and kept me reading for all three available chapters. It is well-written and the characters are drawn very well. It transported me back to the Twenties. The only problem I had was there were so many characters introduced within the first three chapters that I had a little trouble keeping straight who was who in my head, but by the end of Ch 3 I had definitely formed pictures of most of them. Sinister doings and a lot of fun.
Stephen Carignan
An intriguing premise to an interesting world, Murder at the Vet already reads like a classical murder mystery. The reader is given just enough to engage with the story while the promise of what's to come dangles over them. Through a series of reveals the story progresses in such a way that the tension is built and relieved, only to be built again.
James Rasile
Classic murder mystery set in the wonderful era of the 20's! The more you read the more you feel like you are in that time period. MatVC is worth checking out and pre-ordering!
Excellent for fans of Agatha Christie, this is an intriguing 1920's mystery with many twists and turns to uncover the truth... I suspect we'll be seeing more of the unusual sleuth Eric!
Sarah Bryant
Interesting premise, especially as I love historical mysteries and have a fascination with WW1. Well written too, from what I've seen.
Michael Haase
Expert prose. I expect an expert mystery.
Michael Molisani
Mustaches, mayhem, military formality... and of coarse Murder. Somehow this story has a sense of Imperial formality mixed with the thinking of a soldier. Clever and involving work drew me into the narrative.
Ken Lindsey
This is an amazing, classic style murder/mystery. The writing is crisp and the story-so-far has me hooked already. Check it out!
This book is of a high caliber. The gentlemanliness (yes I made that word up) of old England, murder, mystery, intrigue, it's all here in a superb writing style.
Xavier Auger-Mailhot
I cannot recommend this book more. Having read an early beta version of this book, I have to say Chris does a wonderful job crafting the story and mysteries behind this book.