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Excerpt 2


Cold, indescribable cold that transcended temperature and sapped at my very marrow.

It was here, in my home, creeping closer and closer. It moved like living smoke, flowing with the careless grace of mist but motivated by an unexplainable, a malevolent purpose. As it moved it left a part of itself behind, a tainted aspect. Everywhere it had been was darker for its passing.

I tried to sit up but found myself paralyzed from the neck down, literally frozen. I managed to lift my head to get a better view of this…thing as it approached.

The shade began to coalesce, pulling itself towards some unmarked center and taking its inhuman shape. Gaunt and stretched, every aspect of itself too long. Its head thin at the neck then growing wider to create a sort of surreal predatory skull with no apparent features.

It stopped at the foot of my bed and slowly turned in my direction. I saw that it did have features, eyes, discernible only as even deeper pockets of darkness set back into its “face”. They were the closest representation of true black I’d ever experienced, the complete absence of light.

It changed direction and circled towards me; gliding effortlessly to stand by my side and stare down at me. I tried to scream but couldn’t work my jaw, couldn’t draw breath or force my tongue into motion.

Its hand came to a rest on my chest, impossibly cold, then its fingers flexed and sank into my flesh. Stinging pressure built then expanded, stabbing through me and forcing…something back out. It felt as if razor-sharp ice crystals were being forced into my veins while my blood was drawn out. A perverse dialysis.

It leaned closer and I felt myself falling into the darkness inside it, losing myself within.

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