A Review of The Talkers are Talking

Sewer survival cannibal apocalypse fiction done oh so right!

Let me put it simply; this is good stuff. There are so many freaking post-infection apocalyptic books in the world today that I'll admit to being highly skeptical at first. I was wrong. This is going to be a pretty awesome book! Janna does a great job setting the tone and creating the atmosphere of this world. Learning about the infection and the following events through Olivia's world view is really effective. As a narrator she has a sort of dry sensibility that works very well. In such an extreme setup as this it would be very easy to go over the top with the characters but this approach keeps it grounded. 

It's a little bit of an aside but Janna accomplishes something in these few pages that I found really impressive, she creates a cast of characters that seem truly random, complicated and not what you expect to find in a genre novel. There is no reason these individuals should have survived together in the sewers for as long as they have and it really invites you in as a reader and makes you feel part of the story. 

There is also a small section Janna posted where Olivia's dog is killed and it's heartbreaking. I only mention it because she approached the subject in a manner that reminded me of Cormac McCarthy and I don't know that I can give much higher praise.

Having said all that, I have to add that the most fascinating aspect of this story so far is Sergeant 0307 and her routine duties of sorting through survivors. I am absolutely hooked on whatever the hell is going on there. I am so excited that Janna is telling the story from inside and outside of Haven. I can't wait to read the rest of this story. I highly recommend giving it a read!