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Amber Thompson

A Writer-in-Progress. Check out my very first chapter in "For Want of Dreams"
Amber is the author of
A young witch who fled the craft years ago is drawn back when the demon that killed her high-school sweetheart resurfaces.
In a future where sleep is obsolete, a girl trying to save her mom sparks a resistance to retake their dreams.
In a world decimated by the emergence of real magic, a small team keeps dangerous artifacts out of evil hands.
Despite her parents’ best efforts, the god-like powers of one young girl won’t stay dormant forever.
7 interrelated characters navigate romance in a world where mysterious tattoos give hints to their soulmate’s identity.
On the Upper East Side, a townhouse full of ghosts wait less-than-patiently for their turn at reincarnation.
Ellie never wanted to be a vampire. Even after being bit, she still doesn’t. But soon she might not have a choice.
An international group of young adults discover that they all have similar rune-like birthmarks that give them unique special powers.
An epic quest set in a realm where magic powers are learned from childhood as easily as language.
A girl in a coma becomes aware of her condition. Her only goal is to find a way to wake up.
A different kind of Cinderella story, set in a fictional European country at the height of the witch trials.
8 years adjusting to life post-zombies has left Lia and the other survivors unprepared for the second wave that’s coming.
Across 3 parallel worlds, one girl and her alternate selves are all that stands between the multiverse and its destruction.
After meeting a mysterious man, a young girl begins glimpsing the thin veil between our world and the fairy world.
Science was always going to inevitability lead to time travel. Keli just figured that out too late to stop herself.
Five strangers find themselves in forgotten Waffle House less than an hour before midnight, when one of them just snaps.
The P’ɑnǀetʲiʒ, a race of extraterrestrials, visit a strange blue and green planet and are appalled at what they find.
Books Amber Recommends
An Fantasy Epic that's just the beginning!
A dwarven magus must enter a world he grew up only hearing of.    As he strives to find his place and faces numerous dangers (and at least one too many gnomes) his naivete in life and love may bring more danger than any enemy ever could.
16 days left to preorder! A must-read for all sci-fi fans!
Michael Jovanne is a new squadron commander who must lead his fellow pilots into a massive battle on the eve of the greatest war the galaxy has ever seen. A war started by his government’s closest ally.
As if STIs weren't scary enough as it is!
After losing his virginity to a stranger, a confident but naïve gay teen contracts an STI that causes his flesh to transform into a living gun.
Books Amber recently read
by Elizabeth Kostova
by Cassandra Clare
by Dan Brown
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