Alec Michael Dood

Young adult author and middle school ELA teacher living in West Michigan with a primary goal to empower young adult readers to defy limitations and take comfort in who they are.
Alec is the author of
To prevent a rebellion, a boy was murdered, covered up by the President. But now, 17-year-old Easton is back, ready for revenge, with a sword, new body, and an orphan’s special gift—if he can survive his stepmother’s promise to destroy him.
Books Alec Recommends
Through intricate descriptions and vivid imagery, Farley crafts a world that hooks you from the first page. The mysterious and spooky mood instantly made me feel like I was a part of the shocking discovery atop the lighthouse. Can't wait to preorder.
Tragedy swallows an idyllic small town when a boy is found dead atop the local lighthouse. While hunting for his killer, a young detective who harbors her own destructive secret discovers a threat that could unravel the very fabric of reality.
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