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Zyle CW Cook

I am passionate about putting people of color in fantastic settings. My goal is to show queer audiences of color that they are normal, there are heroes that look like them, and sometimes those heroes whip their hair back and forth. 
Books Zyle Recommends
A dwarven Wizard-something rarely explored!
A dwarven magus must enter a world he grew up only hearing of.    As he strives to find his place and faces numerous dangers (and at least one too many gnomes) his naivete in life and love may bring more danger than any enemy ever could.
This seems interesting!
An ancient curse could mean ultimate power--but at what cost? Filled with magic and mystery, Rune of the Apprentice is an action-packed novel of adventure, love, and self-discovery.
A flawless fusion of Urban life with fantasy, one of my personal favorites in a while.
Before the age of reason and science, magic ruled the world. Now, it’s coming back and if most of humanity gets wiped out in the process....well, sometimes you have to break a few eggs.
Books Zyle recently read
by Rachel Smythe (Comics artist)
by Susanna Clarke
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