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An avid reader and enthusiastic writer. I dislike coffee, but can I still join the clan?
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Literary characters were supposed to be immortal. When Dracula and Dorothy Gale are murdered and erased from their books, the rules of fiction change, and a gumshoe must risk everything to prevent the annihilation of the realm of fiction.
When the guests at a remote hostel die off one by one, the survivors realize that there is a murderous hypnotist among their ranks, and that they are all under his or her spell.
Sent to live with his grandmother in rural Norway, a boy discovers that Santa Claus is building a new workshop next door. Tasked with helping Santa get rid of other supernatural creatures in the area, the boy begins to wonder... is Santa the bad guy?
When Pope Alexander VI’s favorite artist, Michelangelo, is accused of murder, a young papal enforcer must prove the artist innocent and save him from the gallows.
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