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V. T. Felix

I got this starving artist thing down. Trying to be a non-starving artist too!
V. is the author of
Two gangsters must kill a little girl to preserve a precarious peace between rival criminal organizations.
A surreal story about ninjas, highway pirates, international motor scooter races and a fishing boat.
An aspiring magess desires fame and fortune. Unfortunately those are harder to conjure than fire.
A man works to build his dream home; his children decide what to do with it.
After an accident leaves him bedridden, all a young husband can do is remember.
After the death of loved one, usually the funeral is planned. It’s at that point absolutely anything that can go wrong, does go wrong.
Rigas, a scion of low nobility living in a monastery, must join a suicidal and foolish military expedition in his brother’s place to save him and, perhaps, learn what really prompted the accusation in the first place...
A vaquero in pre-U.S. California is hired to accompany a mysterious girl and her entourage on an even more mysterious errand.
A space station’s crew find themselves hunted by monsters after an anomalic event nearly kills them all, but nothing is as it seems on the other side of darkness.
You can change your past, fix all your mistakes, relive your life; all it takes is the strength to look yourself in the eye pull the trigger. That is, unless your past kills you first.
A small-time casino’s night shift security team has a hell of night dealing with rowdy regulars, crazy tweakers, drunken assholes, and zombies. But their biggest problem is how to tell the difference between all of them.
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