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Jammed with quick references to advanced technology, little tidbits about the characters and the seeds of multiple subplots all combine to hint at an enthralling adventure to follow. Highly recommend supporting TCC in the Nerdist contest.
The crew of the Tereshkova were ready to join a newly established colony near Earth’s solar system. Instead, they are forced to survive in a distant galaxy as they search for a new home among the stars.
Vivid writing married with an intriguing premise. Looking forward to reading more.
The crew of a marooned ship struggle to survive a hostile alien environment, whilst discovering that every decision they make will have far reaching consequences for the future of humanity.
Intriguing premise written in the uncommonly used second person narrative. Recommend to follow.
It’s hard to be the ’good guy’ when you lead the local cell of the League, a terrorist organization. Gang warfare turns out to be the least of your worries when shadowy organizations start targeting your friends.
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