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Tom Ferrour

Books Tom Recommends
It about class against class, not dead against undead. An exciting read!
When an ancient vampire escapes from hell, Myles Dáithín is the only one who can stop him breaking the armistice between heaven and hell to unleash the apocalypse.
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I am a non-fiction writer . This will be my eighth book. I have also written and published over 200 ...
"Read a book you illiterate son of a bitc# and fuc$ your vocab.": Big Pimpin - Jay-Z feat. UGK
An avid reader. Loves mystery, not based on crime.
A long haired  lover of reading, writing, painting, cameras, cats, wine, exploring and dreaming. 
Author of Broken Dolls, singing teacher, standard nerd. Smile, shine, dream :)