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An avid reader. Procrastinator. NaNoWriMo participant. And sometimes author.
the_rabid_snail is the author of
Chloe, a girl from a broken family, has been tortured, mind-wiped, experimented on, and trained as an assassin.
Guided by a voice only he can hear, Matt Ruber discovers another world in his family-owned hotel.
Two sisters who couldn’t be more different must learn to play chess with complex social rules all the while uncovering the dark past that was hidden from them and following a goddess who seems more and more mythical by the day.
A pair of siblings share an unusual connection. One is awake during the day, and one at night, but when one disappears, her twin brother finds that they are not alone. Wizards, ghosts, and the mythical Nightowls and Larks abound in this fantasy novel
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This a really neat idea with some awesome prose! Check it out!
The last of the dreamwalkers seeks for answers in the long lost Compendium, but the greatest mystery lies within his own past.
Two ships, carrying scientists from different generations, arrive on the first habitable exoplanet. The discovery of a now-extinct, ancient race thrusts them together on a mission that, if they fail, will mean the destruction of Earth and Salacia.
I never know what to say in these, but a world where immortality is commonplace sounds like an awesome idea!
Karran Willher must cross the galaxy with a woman he’s never met—dealing with pirates, fanatics, and corrupt planetary governments along the way—to find and kill his father for making him immortal. And because it’s his job.
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