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A writer of Dark Fantasy Stories and fan of anything related to Fantasy and Horror. I love opera music and Nightwish. I’m a new Dark Fantasy writer and hoping to write for my friends and family. I’m also an Anime fan and an avid gamer.
MicahDarkFantasy is the author of
Delphine of Moria is a Dark Fantasy story that revolves around a demon hunter on a quest to hunt down the Grim Reaper and the one who has casted the spell that separated the earth from the heavens, known as the Demon Wolf.
The Demon Wolf is a dark fantasy story about a knight leader who succumbs to the dark embrace as his daughter learns more about the cursed world that she is in and what she must do to survive in a world of darkness and death.
Julius of Romania, the knight leader of Midland, must defeat the demons and acquire the power of darkness to build his kingdom and be a king.
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