Karen Kenyon

Award winning screenwriter, newbie novelist, quantum physics enthusiast ... and avid reader,  with a special interest in ancient mysticism and magical realism.
Karen is the author of
The forgotten tale of King Arthur’s brother, Prince Madog, who discovers America when he follows the trail of King Solomon on a journey to find and restore the Grail before its magic is extinguished and the world falls under an eternal veil of darkness.
Books Karen Recommends
A promising premise to an epic fantasy: When an ancient evil awakens to bring darkness to the land, forces of goodness and light must summon their strengths to reclaim the world. I look forward to seeing how this story plays out!
After a vision of darkness brings him face to face with an ancient evil, a member of the Qivar takes actions into his own hands. Meanwhile, fate brings a band of broken warriors together where they must find their strength in each other to survive.
If J. D. Salinger and Sylvia Plath got together and producer a prodigy, he could be Charles Moore. The aching, harsh and often unbearable truth of real life is captured with honesty, and without pretense in this moving, character-driven novel.
The novel follows a young adult character thrust into a perplexing world, overwhelmed by the cost of reality.
Cute and clever... a poetic, orange bird to introduce kids to the world of travel. My niece loves it, and now wants to go to London!
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